Ultraviolet Lights in Denton, TX

BCI Mechanical, Inc. provides quality ultraviolet light solutions for Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities.

Mold and mildew could be growing out of sight in your home or business’s heating and cooling system. Particles piling up in dirty air ducts create the perfect environment where mold, mildew, and bacteria thrive. Kill these contaminants and prevent regrowth with ultraviolet lights from BCI Mechanical.

The sun’s ultraviolet energy controls mold spores and bacteria in the air outdoors. In dark, damp spaces such as your duct work, these contaminants can also be controlled using ultraviolet light. Preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your duct work protect those inside from exposure to these potentially hazardous contaminants. Ultraviolet lights also contribute to better indoor air quality.

Ultraviolet lights can be implemented safely in your heating and cooling systems. Ultraviolet light solutions can be installed without complicated alterations to your duct work or heating and cooling equipment. They can be wired independently without the need to connect to your system’s existing electrical components. Ultraviolet light technology is safe for use in your home or business and has been used for years in medical settings to control mold, mildew, and bacteria effectively.

To implement an ultraviolet lighting solution for your home or office, contact BCI Mechanical. Our skilled technicians will install quality, energy-efficient ultraviolet lights to help you reduce harmful contaminants in your system and improve indoor air quality.