Gas Leak Detection in Denton, TX

BCI Mechanical, Inc. provides reliable gas leak detection services for Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities.

In homes or businesses where propane and other gas fuel sources are used, gas leaks pose a dangerous risk to your health and safety. Odorants which give off a smell similar to rotten eggs are typically added to propane and other gas fuels to make leaks easier to detect.

A gas leak can mean there is an issue with one of your home or business’s gas appliances, such as your furnace. This may mean components have malfunctioned, or there is an issue with the appliance’s fuel supply lines. Gas leaks can also occur in the utility company’s supply lines which run to your home from the main supply lines. In either scenario, quick and accurate detection is essential.

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, follow these steps:

  • Leave the home or office immediately, and alert others to leave. Put distance between yourself and the structure; go across the street or farther down the road.
  • Leave doors open as you exit for ventilation.
  • Don’t plug in or unplug any electrical devices before leaving or turn on or off any light switches; this action can cause sparks which could ignite leaking gas.
  • Call your gas provider immediately from a cell phone outside or from a neighboring home or business. Alert them of the potential gas leak so they can turn off the gas supply to prevent additional fuel leakage.
  • Do not re-enter your house or office until deemed safe by utility officials.

BCI Mechanical provides thorough gas leak detection services for home and business owners. Call us anytime you suspect a gas leak for reliable gas leak detection. Our gas leak detection experts will inspect your home or office to find the source of your gas leak and provide recommendations for correcting the problem. We provide timely, professional repair service to ensure your safety when using propane and other gas fuels.