Furnace and Heating Repair in Denton, TX

BCI Mechanical, Inc. provides quality furnace and heating repair for Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities.

When Texas temperatures drop, don’t be left shivering inside. BCI Mechanical’s skilled technicians will diagnose and repair your furnace or heating system to restore comfort inside your home or business.

Sometimes furnace and heating repairs can sneak up unexpectedly, leaving you without heat when you need it most. To prevent surprise breakdowns, watch for signs that may indicate the need for furnace and heating repair. If you notice these symptoms, call BCI Mechanical for furnace and heating repair before bigger issues arise:


When your furnace or heating systems begins making unusual noises, it’s typically a sign of trouble. Loud banging sounds from within the system, squealing, screeching, rumbling, and rattling are some sounds which indicate you’ll likely need furnace and heating repair.


If your furnace or heating system begins to produce a strange smell when operating, repair may be necessary. While it’s normal for your system to burn off some dust during the first days of seasonal system use, it shouldn’t last longer than this. Fuel odors and the smell of burnt wiring are causes for concern which should be inspected by a professional before further use.

Poor temperature control

When the furnace or heating system isn’t keeping you comfortable indoors, system issues could be preventing the equipment from doing its job. If you notice cool air is blowing out your registers and vents, the need to constantly turn up the thermostat to stay warm, or that your furnace or heating system is running longer to keep rooms comfortable, repairs may be needed.

If you suspect the need for furnace and heating repair, call BCI Mechanical before the problem leads to further damage or system failure. Our skilled technicians will accurately diagnose your system and provide a detailed explanation of their findings so you can decide the best course of action, whether it is repair or replacement.