Zoning Systems in Denton, TX

BCI Mechanical, Inc. provides quality zoning systems for Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities.

Several Texas homes and businesses suffer from the same problem: some indoor areas are just harder to keep comfortable than others. While some rooms may feel just right, others are too hot or too cold. BCI Mechanical has a solution for this problem: a zoning system for your home or facility.

This comfort issue likely stems from the original design of your heating and cooling system; if you only have one thermostat in your home or office, that’s a sign. This means that one thermostat is controlling all your indoor areas, regardless of individual need. When you adjust the thermostat to create comfortable conditions in one room, your other spaces are also affected, which can create uncomfortable temperatures in other areas as well as waste energy when no change was needed there.

Zoning systems solve this common issue by splitting your space into separate zones. Zones are grouped by similarities, such as location, use, and other factors. Each zone has its own thermostat for individual temperature control, allowing you to adjust conditions for just that area without affecting the entire home or office. A zoning system can be retrofitted for your current heating and cooling system or installed with a new duct work or heating and cooling installation.

Aside from individual temperature control, zoning systems offer another important benefit: energy savings. By controlling comfort in zones individually, energy use isn’t increased across the home or office. Zoning allows you to target specific areas while eliminating excess energy use in other rooms. You can further increase your energy savings by using programmable thermostats in each zone.

BCI Mechanical’s team of skilled technicians will design and install a zoning system which can decrease your energy use, and keep your indoor spaces comfortable. For more information on the benefits zoning systems offer, contact BCI Mechanical today.