Very good service, especially thanks for Johnny. Rated every item with an “A”. Also the lady who picked up the phone was great. It is a really happy experience to have their service.

I had a burst pipe in the wall. They arrived within 15 minutes, had repair completed. They arrived, saw the problem and fixed it immediately with as little disruption to the rest of the house as possible. They explained every step of the process, and even showed me how to fix the problem in the future should it ever happen again. Completely profession the entire time.

We had a brand new AC unit we had purchased that was sitting in the garage needing installed and we had a difficult time finding a company that was willing to install it. BCI Mechanical readily agreed to do it. They were very prompt to return messages left and kept their commitment to installation dates and times. They completed their work very timely and did a great overall job. Everyone we dealt with was very knowledgeable. We are enjoying our new AC unit.

My toilet wouldn’t stop running. I had replaced the insides of the toilet. The copper welding was leaking. They came right out. He was very reasonable. He was outstanding.

Replaced water heater, and repaired water leak. On time and on Budget.

Two toilets clogged lines, old insides and working up ballpark estimates for future line replacements needed. Jason Boatwright was AWESOME. This guy was able to diagnose the problem with 2 toilets, leave to get more parts, had to turn off and on water, remove old parts and repair both toilets, provide me an education and detailed discussion about the clogged lines and ballpark an estimate for fixing the clogged pipes (which will eventually require replacement for any fix that won’t be more than temporary) and arrived ON TIME at 8:00am, wrote me up and I paid the bill and he was GONE by 9:15am. THAT IS nothing short of OUTSTNADING…WE WILL USE BCI AND ASK FOR JASON for whatever else needs to be done as soon as we can afford it. THANK YOU Megan…. Especially for finding time to get all this done less than 24hrs from when I first called and Thank you BCI & ESPECIALLY JASON!

Thanks for the excellent service. These problems seem to happen at night and on the weekend. John was prompt and personable and capable and got the system problem solved on another string of hot humid evenings.

BCI Mechanical responded to our call for a pipe leak in foundation. In order to fix the problem, the technician had to jack hammer the slab, cap the old pipe and reroute the line back to a shower head. Once completed, he filled the hole with concrete and replaced the missing drywall. The job was completed to our complete satisfaction. We found the experience to be very good. The company was able to respond on short notice, the technician was clean, punctual and professional and the price was very fair. We have used BCI on a couple of other occasions and found the experience to be consistently good. We have since recommended BCI on a couple of occasions and will happily do so again. This is an outstanding company to work with.

I have used BCI Mechanical. I have a service plan with them. I also had them replace my 2 water heaters. We have dual water heaters. Our city also requires an overflow valve and some other extra things. I had used BCI Mechanical before and have been happy with them. I would never had considered purchasing the water heaters through them, but someone on Angie’s List recommended it and based on that we did a little research and went “oh yeah, this makes total sense.” There wasn’t that much of a cost savings for us to go to Home Depot and buy something and have them install it. It was all just fine. They are great. They touch base with you, they give you a window of when they are coming, technicians call to tell you they are on their way, and they got it done without a problem. I am sure if there was a problem they would have taken care of it. It was a positive experience. They are a good company. I’d give them all “A’s”. The price was fair. You pay for something good, so you get something good.

For my second use of BCI, Johnny Lee was wonderful. Another person had installed a twin valve turnoff on the hot and cold lines under the kitchen sink and the water pressure afterwards was poor. I had removed and soaked cartridges in CLR overnight then attempted to reinstall them but had no positive effect and managed to blow out the grommet on one and worried about the twin valves not working as very slow leaks continued. Johnny Lee showed up, quickly diagnosed that the diverting valve was the REAL culprit, cleaned it and popped in some new grommets and springs on the faucets, provided me a new aerator in the end of the faucet, reassembled the mess I had made, and the leaks disappeared. A TRUE professional. He EASILY answered a battery of questions and provided me a healthy amount of information and quick ballpark estimates and was gone in approximately 1 hour. WOW… THANK YOU SO MUCH BCI & JOHNNY LEE…. OUTSTANDING!

They provide heating and A/C services. The last visit was for a fall tune up. Overall, the experience has been good. It’s fairly easy to get an appointment with them, and they call beforehand. The technicians arrive on time, have been very honest and don’t do anything that’s not needed. They’re careful not to track dirt in, are very respectful in listening to what I have to say, and explain to me the work that’s being done. There haven’t been any extra charges, and their prices are reasonable. They’ve been a great company to work with!