Air Conditioning Installation in Denton, TX

BCI Mechanical, Inc. provides quality air conditioning installation for Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities.

Many factors will influence the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner, but experts agree that the most important determinant is the quality of the installation. Proper installation will enhance system performance and maximize energy savings and will also help avoid the cost and frustration of system breakdowns.

In order to provide you with quality air conditioner installation that will give you many years of efficient and effective operation, BCI Mechanical completes a thorough assessment of your home. Load circulation tests are performed, including measurements and insulation checks, to determine the correct size requirements. A system that is too small will run continuously without achieving desired temperatures, while an oversized unit will cycle frequently, cool too quickly, and be unable to adequately dehumidify your home. Ductwork also must match the load calculations in order to avoid equipment failure, while drains need to be installed properly to prevent leaks. Our air conditioning experts help you design the right system, ensuring that all specifications are well-matched to your home.

We offer a range of air conditioner brands and options, from budget models to top-of-the-line high efficiency units. Our technicians will explain the different features and benefits and assist you in making the right choice for your cooling needs. We also provide excellent product warranties, including annual maintenance service options during the labor warranty period. Since poor indoor air quality can represent a serious health risk, our air conditioner installation services also include an air quality assessment and we will help determine your air filtration or dehumidifier needs. Each step of the way, our friendly, knowledgeable service professionals will answer your questions and explain how you can keep your system operating at top efficiency. Installing a new air conditioning system is a big step for any home or business owner. Many equipment options are available, boasting endless combinations of features. When selecting a new air conditioning system, a few key elements you’ll want to keep in mind include the following:


Air conditioner efficiency has improved significantly over the years, and newer models have evolved to consume less energy while maximizing output. Choosing a new high-efficiency air conditioning system can lower your energy expenses and help you save for years to come.


Choosing the right-sized air conditioning system for your space is important to maximize efficiency and comfort. BCI Mechanical performs cooling load calculations to determine the correct sizing for your new air conditioning equipment, providing the information you need to select a system which will provide adequate air conditioning while minimizing energy waste.


Your new air conditioning equipment won’t perform as expected without proper installation. Choosing BCI Mechanical to perform your air conditioner installation means your new system will be installed by skilled technicians who possess the knowledge and experience to complete your installation properly.

For air conditioning systems manufactured by industry leaders and installation performed by skilled technicians, contact BCI Mechanical. Our skilled team is available to assist you throughout the air conditioning installation process, providing guidance and information to help you make the best choice for your home or business.

How much does air conditioning installation cost in Denton, TX?

The cost of air conditioning installation in Denton, TX, will depend on the type and size of cooling equipment you choose. The best way to discover the cost is to get a free estimate. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. You can also check out our financing and specials pages for the latest air conditioning deals.

Additional Air Conditioning Services

For 30 years, BCI Mechanical, Inc. has served Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding Texas communities with a commitment to service and value. For all of your air conditioning, heating, air quality, plumbing, and propane needs, the BCI Mechanical, Inc. team has the skill and dedication necessary to provide you with superior service, installation, and repair.